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Leverage and Margin Requirement

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This page provides you the leverage and margin requirements per CFD Instrument for Retail and Professional Clients when trading with Lirunex. Trading CFDs requires a minimum level of funds in your account, also known as margin requirement, which depends on the account leverage. It is important to understand the calculation of margin requirement for opening a position in order to have sufficient funds in your account and to avoid margin call and stop-out levels.

Changing of Leverage Profiles
Leverage profiles are subject to adjustment based on changes in equity or trading patterns without prior notice to clients.

Stop-Out Liquidation
All accounts are subject to a partial stop when equity/margin hits 25% or lower. The system will liquidate the largest losing trade first until your account is brought back above 25%.

Note: Margin requirements are depending on the base currency of your account.

The company will adjust the leverage of all FX pairs and spot metals to a maximum of 1:100 on every Friday or one hour before the market close on holidays. The leverage is automatically restored when the market reopens.

Clients are required to maintain sufficient funds in their accounts on every Friday or one hour before the market close on holidays in order to meet the leverage requirements on weekends and holidays. Insufficient funds and margin requirements may forcibly liquidate all or part positions of your account without prior notice.

The leverage of HK Hang Seng Index products is fixed at 1:20.