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Leverage Account Balance Range
1:2000 ≤ $500
1:1000 $501 – $2,000
1:500 $2,001 – $15,000
1:400 $15,001 – $25,000
1:300 $25,001 – $35,000
1:200 $35,001 – $45,000
1:100 $45,001 and above

Terms and Conditions
➀ Leverage and margin requirements may change according to the applicable laws and regulations in your country/region. Due to the market fluctuates, Nation Traders  reserves the right to adjust its leverage at any time without prior notice. The leverage of HK Hang Seng Index products is fixed at 1:20.

➁ Index & digital currencies & stocks have slightly different in minimum lots per trade, maximum lots per trade, and maximum open positions. Therefore, please log in to your XOH account for detailed instructions.

➂ The commissions per lot for PRIME Account and PRO Account in XOH are fixed. It will be charged when opening and closing a position.

➃ Spreads are floating and may be increased during specific periods based on the market conditions.

➄ Clients are required to maintain sufficient funds in their accounts on every Friday or one hour before the market close on holidays in order to meet the leverage requirements on weekends and holidays. Insufficient funds and margin requirements may forcibly liquidate all or part positions of your account without prior notice.
The minimum margin required of HK Hang Seng Index products during weekends or holidays is 2.5%.

➅ Stop out level will be subject to change base on company risk assessment.